Litigation funding for high costs cases

Citadel Law are delighted to work with VFS Legal Funding in delivering a High Cost Case Funding product dedicated to the claimant personal injury sector.

In claims where liability is admitted or you have judgement you may be able to use the CPR and case law to access an interim payment on account of costs from your opponent.

However, often they either won’t pay or draw out the process.
 In these circumstances a new litigation funding product can now be used that is specially tailored to meet the cash flow requirements of personal injury law firms who self fund high value and high cost cases. This “modern day replacement for legal aid” developed by Citadel Law in conjunction with VFS Legal Funding, facilitates access to justice and places claimant law firms on a level commercial footing with their insurer counterparts.

For more information and a copy of our brochure please contact Lesley Graves on telephone 07847 636977 or e-mail

VFS Legal is a fresh thinking funder with an innovative approach to working with the legal sector. Their products are unique and designed to help a law firm improve their cash flow. Their products don’t seek to provide a replacement for your bank facilities, but rather, a complimentary solution alongside that delivers the cash flow funding that is required to develop a practice.

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