“My introduction to Lesley Graves in the summer of 2013 was an invitation to revisit my skills and knowledge as a Personal Injury lawyer.

Her presentation of information for our bespoke training courses have become our tools of reference in our daily working practice and have enabled us to extend our library of standard documents.

This has enabled my department to create a fluid work flow which has maximised the billing time on each file.

Individual sessions on particular cases has only proven to increase my skills on all my other cases. Upon revisiting medical records in a particular complex Cauda Equina case Lesley and I were able to identify several medical entries which assisted the Claimants case in relation to causation. The attention to very specific detail has extended into all my other cases, is promoted amongst my colleagues and goes as far down into even the most minor of personal cases some.  As a consequence, what may have appeared at first instance to be a minor personal injury case has often become far more significant particularly as a result of Lesley’s training in chronic pain and traumatic brain injury claims.

Lesley’s belief in what is right and just for our clients has taught me to be the best possible advocate I can be for my client and not just when I am in a Court room. I now represent each of my clients as if they were my Father, my Mother, Grandparent or my children because for some of these clients they have no one else to support and speak on their behalf.

The idiom “leave no stone unturned” (to do everything possible to find something or to solve a problem) has become my personal mantra since meeting Lesley. She really is an inspiration to make you want to achieve what you might have thought was impossible.”

Victoria Martin F(CILEX)

Large Loss and Catastrophic Injury Department, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors