“Lesley is a rare commodity in the legal market as she is not a “me too”. In the legal market there are many who over promise and under deliver whilst only ever doing the bare amount necessary to get by. Lesley is the complete opposite.

Lesley is very trustworthy. If she says something will happen it does. This should not be underestimated in an industry synonymous with empty promises and delays.

We utilised the skills of Citadel Law by instructing them to conduct an MOT of our business. We have made many changes in the last three years and wanted an independent review of our work and help us implement the next set of improvements we wish to make in the business.

Citadel Law took the time to understand the dynamics of our business, our management team, our past, present and future plans along with our short term goals. They have helped us continue to develop our case management system, controls, systems of supervision and profitability by increasing the profit on successful cases whilst helping to reduce the losses on any unsuccessful cases.

Citadel Law’s approach matches our own view of how a 21st  century law firm needs to operate in this ever changing market.

Lesley thinks outside the box and understands not only the business and banking sector and the way they work together but is a specialist in personal injury.

Lesley is not only intelligent, creative, hard working and diligent but also personable, charming, honest and humble.

I would like to think of Lesley as a friend now having initially been a work contact. That highlights her strengths. Any business should want to work with people like Lesley because of the business acumen and worth she can bring to their business.

This is one of the few recommendations I have drafted for anyone in 10 years despite numerous requests. I hope that highlights how highly I rate Lesley and the team at Citadel Law, one of our most important commercial partners.”

Sean Rogers
Director, High Street Solicitors