Accounting, Restructuring and Business Advisory

For law firms at a cross roads in their business journey, we assist by providing clarity over available options. Visibility and understanding of a law firm’s KPI’s and financial performance is key to sound strategic business decisions. Our reports enable the business advisory sector gain a deeper understanding of law firms, demonstrating with greater visibility and oversight, operational risk profile and WIP valuation, typically as follows:


  • Inputting robust systems for financial forecasting and cash realisation.
  • Commercial due diligence encompassing WIP valuation and operation review for sale, merger and acquisition.
  • Pre sale commercial due diligence encompassing WIP valuation and enhancement.
  • WIP valuation and asset realisation post sale/M&A – including advising on the quality of due diligence on the original transaction.
  • Strategic advisory work for law firms on WIP valuation, profit improvement, technical expertise and operational risk management.
  • Where there is no viable business moving forward, we advise on how best to achieve the highest return for creditors on a sale or closure.
  • For law firms with cash flow and financing difficulties, our reports provide urgent recommendations and pragmatic suggestions for operational enhancements to abate cash flow crisis and are integral in restructuring and turnaround – In this way we can maximise recoveries and outcomes for investors.

Insurance Brokers and Underwriters

Sound financial and operational risk management in law firms is vital. A poor claims and complaints history can have potentially disastrous consequences for a firm.

We offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services to law firms and the insurance sector aimed at reducing risk and enhancing outcomes for clients and profitability.

We work with you and our mutual clients to procure reduced professional indemnity insurance premiums and improved risk profiling for presentation to insurers.

LQC Analytics and Auditing services provides the only sector unique solution to the challenges personal injury law firms and their insurers face.

Please see the list below for an overview of our services:

  • Strategic advisory work for law firms on technical expertise and operational risk management.
  • Supporting law firms and their PII insurers to ensure that adequate professional indemnity insurance is obtained for high risk areas such serious injury, clinical negligence and occupational disease.
  • Independent audit, governance and oversight advisory work.

We deliver reports that provide a commercial and expedient result, whatever the circumstance.


We are privileged to work with some of the U.K.’s leading law firms, banks and professional advisers. Our banking relationships include Nat West, RBS, HSBC, Clydesdale Bank,Yorkshire Bank, Lloyds, Barclays, Handelsbanken.

Case studies and credentials

If you would like a portfolio of our credentials and case studies please contact Lesley Graves, Managing Director on


T: 0161 457 0285

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